Early vintage STR50 (top) and Original PA6 (bottom right) The PA6i may seem to be simply a preamplifier. It is not. It is the descendant of generations of PA6 preamplifiers. Each one a definitive step forward in the quest for excellence in musical reproduction.

The original PA6 pioneered state-of-the-art solid state control for volume, balance and switching of input sources while most designers were still learning mechanical controls. User changeable phono modules. Full remote control. Absolute phase inversion on the remote. Floating Charge Power Supply. Elegance of appearance.

These are hallmarks of the PA6 lineage. The PA6i of today achieves a level of listening experience that we would not have thought possible back then.

The PA6i is more than a preamplifier. It is the cornerstone of a comprehensive Meitner system. Individual components that may be matched with those of other manufacturers for superb results, but which together comprise a perfectionist system of unsurpassed sonic merit.

Design Features



The PLUS Upgrade: After years of mentally compiling a wish list of enhancements for the PA6i, Ed Meitner decided to put it all together as a package and call it the "PLUS" upgrade. This suite of modifications involves changes to:

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Owner's Manual

The Meitner PA6i has been superseded by the A/V Control Center.