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A Few Words on Design Philosophy from Edmund Meitner...


When unpacking the unit from the box, please ensure that it contains the following:

Please examine the wood boxes for any defects in finish which may have occurred in transit. Each unit was hand finished and examined prior to shipment.

Operating the PA6i


Front Panel

Phono Input Module

Wired Remote Control

Infra-Red Remote Control

Input Gain Adjustment

Low Frequency Response

Phono Modules

We offer a choice of two user changeable phono interfaces which plug into the rear of the PA6i. The modules are:

  1. Trans-impedance MC
    Suitable for low and medium output cartridges of moving coil design.
  2. Voltage Mode MMLZ Universal
    Suitable for high output moving coil and all other high output cartridge types.

The MC interface requires no load adjustment by the user, as the interface is dynamically load adjusting. There are user adjustments available for gain and RF interference.

The MMLZ interface should be used for cartridges of approximately 1.2 mV or greater; including high (not medium) output MC's and Moving Magnets. This interface provides user adjustments for gain, resistive load and capacitance. Adjustments are clearly labeled on the MMLZ interface.


A Few Last Words from Edmund Meitner and the Technical Staff at Museatex...

We believe that you possess one of the finest preamplifiers presently available, irrespective of price. To obtain the optimum performance from the unit, we recommend that you give consideration to the following:

For more information please contact John Wright at (403) 968-1400 or email