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Frequently, amplifiers that receive the highest ratings for superlative listening enjoyment and their ability to drive demanding speakers are large and ungainly. Consequently they cannot easily be integrated into your living environment. Alternatively, there is a tendency for attractively styled components to prove inadequate when called upon to drive some of the world's best speakers. The discriminating music lover has often been faced with a difficult choice - performance or style; excellence or convenience.

It is our conviction that an amplifier is distinguished by what it does. The task it accomplishes. The throaty tone of an altosaxophone. The attack of stick on snare. The majesty of full symphony in a superb hall. The delicacy of flute. The satisfaction of hearing your preferred music, in the comfort of your home, reproduced as you have never experienced it before.

Passion for the highest standard of musical reproduction shouldn't mean giving up valued convenience, nor compromising the attractiveness of your surrounding. You should be free to choose your speaker without concern for limitations imposed by the amplifier and without having to hide the equipment in a closet.

From these needs the STR-55 and MTR-101 were created, not from conventional design theory, historically unsuccessful in down-scaling thoroughbred amplifiers. The breakthrough, authored by Chief Designer Ed Meitner, was an evolutionary power supply that prevents the contamination of fragile music signals by the power supply. Contamination found in most audio components. The Floating Charge Power Supply clearly demonstrates that much of the quality of venerable vacuum tube systems, traditionally well regarded among some critics, relates directly to good power supply design.

A second principal benefit of the Floating Charge Power Supply is to enable these amplifiers to store large amounts of power in reserve for moments of heavy demand by the speaker. Using conventional technology, the same capability would require a chassis of nearly five time the size.

The substantial output capability of the Meitner amplifiers belies their moderate size. Its disarming dynamic performance partnered with microscope-fine resolution of musical details and photograph-like dimensionality of sound-stage recommend the STR-55 and MTR-101 to the most ambitious examples of the speaker art.

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Reliability Updates

Sonic Updates
The “Plus” Performance Upgrad

The Cap Update

The power supply capacitors in your MTR are getting pretty tired now. They have a life expectancy of about 10 years and over that 10 year period cap technology has advanced considerably. Now, the same size cap has nearly twice the capacitance. This upgrade is, sonically, as revealing as the Plus upgrade and adds many more years of reliable performance.

Updates are performed on Meitner and Museatex products by John Wright in Calgary, Canada.
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Owner's Manual

The Meitner MTR-101 has been superseded by the Museatex MHC (Melior High Current) mono-block.