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Thank you for purchasing the Melior Amplifier.

The Melior Amplifier is a sophisticated unification of transparent and articulate sound performance with an attractive appearance that suggests proud display in your home. It has the ability to drive virtually any speaker you may wish to use.

The Melior amplifier incorporates Museatex's proprietary floating charge power supply and a unique static fan heat-sink which allows the unit to effectively dissipate heat, despite its compact size.

The Melior Amplifier also protects your pre-amplifier and speakers from current surges and thermal overload without compromising the purity of the musical signal.

In order to fully appreciate the Melior Amplifier and its capabilities, please read these instructions carefully, and heed all warnings. Retain the owner's manual for future reference.




When unpacking the Melior Amplifier, take care not to mar the wood side panels or the acrylic top surface. Contact your dealer if the Warranty Card is missing.

Keep the packing. Be sure to keep the shipping carton complete with the packing materials in the event that the unit must be re-shipped. The amplifier cannot be shipped safely without correct packing.

Shipping damage It is important that the unit be carefully examined for any shipping damage. If there is any indication of damage, please contact your dealer. It is important that the shipping carton be retained to initiate any claims.

The Melior Amplifier may be placed essentially anywhere that provides a nominal amount of ventilation to allow the heat sinks to dissipate heat. It should be placed on a solid surface (not on plush carpet) so that air can circulate beneath the unit and heat sinks. It can be placed in a cabinet with adequate ventilation, but must be located well away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other appliances.

Place the amplifier where it will be used. The amplifier must now be connected to your preamplifier and speakers. Be sure to observe correct left and right channel orientation when making connections.




Plug the Melior Amplifier into an AC outlet whose voltage corresponds to the rating marked clearly on the amplifier's bottom panel. Take care to connect the unit only to grounded receptacles, so as not to defeat the intended grounding or polarization scheme. Power supply cords should be routed so they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them.
The area of the front panel defined by the gray square labeled POWER is the on/off switch. By pressing in the center of this area you can turn the amplifier on and off.
To use the Melior Amplifier, press the POWER switch. A red LED next to the switch will illuminate. The unit may now be left on indefinitely.
We recommend that you turn off the amplifier and unplug the power cord from the wall if there is to be an extended period when the amplifier is not to be used.
You may notice on turning the amplifier off, while it is playing, that it continues to play for up to twenty seconds or more. This is normal and occurs because the amplifier has a very high capacity power supply which dissipates its reserves into the speaker until the power supply is depleted.


In the event of excessively high power demands into very low speaker impedance's and over long periods of time, the temperature of the heat sink may rise above 85 degrees Celsius. If this happens, the indicator LED on the front of the amplifier will flash very quickly, and the amplifier will disconnect the speaker outputs to prevent damage to the speakers. The amplifier should be turned off until the heat sink cools. If the cause of the problem is a partial short or a faulty speaker cable, correct the cause of the problem by checking speaker connections or replacing the speaker cable. Press POWER once again to turn the amplifier back on.
Protection against any excessive DC offset coming into the input of the amplifier is also provided. Typically the problem is a faulty cable or a preamplifier with excessive amounts of DC from its output. In this event, the amplifier will sense the incoming error signal and disconnect the speaker outputs to prevent damage to the speakers. Turn off the amplifier, correct the problem, and turn the amplifier on again.
If you are unable to trace the problem or cannot identify the cause, refer it to your dealer or directly to Museatex.


As the Melior Amplifier is supplied from the factory, the amplifier will turn off if the AC is disconnected, and will not turn on again until AC is restored and the POWER switch is pressed again. This is done so that power outages do not result in the system coming on again unexpectedly at undesirable volume levels.
Should you prefer, the amplifier has a selectable turn on mode that will allow it to turn on again when AC is connected. This would allow you to have the amplifier controlled by a central power switch.
This requires a technical adjustment inside the amplifier, and should be referred to your dealer or an authorized service technician if you wish to make this change.


Like all Museatex products with wood finish, the wood should be cared for and polished like fine furniture. Never use solvents as they will dissolve the lacquer. the acrylic surfaces should not be cleaned with glass cleaner that contains ammonia; use a Plexiglas/acrylic cleaner instead.


In the event that service is required on your amplifier, contact the local dealer from whom you purchased it. do not ship a unit back for repair without first obtaining a service return authorization from Museatex Customer Service.

Service is required when one or more of the following have occurred:

The user should not attempt to service the unit beyond taking the steps described in this owner's manual. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel.


For more information please contact John Wright at (403) 968-1400 or email