MUSEATEX CDD      updates


The idea of separating the CD source from the D/A conversion process has now been accepted as having several advantages. A converter can share many digital sources. Even if you change a source, the converter need not be changed.

The physical and electrical isolation of the converter from the CD deck helps insulate the converter from spurious digital signals present in CD laser mechanisms.

The Melior CDD uses a die cast aluminum drive. The suspension and damping have been designed to minimize digital jitter. Custom Museatex software was developed for the Melior CDD. This enabled Museatex to use a unique algorithm for better information recovery. The software also allows the CDD to provide unparalleled flexibility in operation .

Design Features



The CDD went through one update during its product life and that was the C-lock T circuit. This was developed to reduce
clock jitter of the output bit stream. As time went by and tighter clock frequencies became necessary the C-lock circuit
was updated to include a more precise crystal clock source. This update is still available for units that don’t have it.
The cost of the C-lock T update is $250.USD.

Updates are performed on Meitner and Museatex products at our Calgary facility.
Email us at or call (403) 968-1400 for more information.

Owner's Manual