Meitner Translink System Interfaces

TransLinks Balanced system configuration has been used for decades by audio professionals as the method of choice in interconnecting equipment. Audio consumer products have generally been unable to take advantage of the benefits offered by balanced connection because of the industry's de-facto standardization on the RCA connector. One or two very costly pre-amplifier/amplifier combinations have appeared with balanced connections, but limit the option to a small percentage of audiophiles. Translink System Interfaces make the substantial sound improvements of balanced system configuration available to audio systems with standard, single-ended RCA connectors. The Translinks are high quality isolation transformers designed specifically for high-resolution audio systems. When installed in a conventional system, they change the configuration from single-ended to balanced mode. Translinks isolate the positive and negative signal conductors from each other, and de-couple the grounds of the individual components from signal conductors. The principal benefit is a reduction in common mode noise, called Common Mode Noise Rejection. Any disruptive interference or error signals carried by both signal conductors or the grounds in the systems will be isolated form the music signal by the Translinks, while passing the music signal unaltered. Additionally, the tendency for cable connecting components to collect all forms of electrical interference from outside sources will be dramatically reduced. The use of Translinks will also tend to suppress ground loops and other forms of power supply and AC-induced noise. Translinks provide wide bandwidth common mode rejection, compared with other methods of balancing which may not offer as much rejection at high frequencies.

Some benefits of Translink System interfaces:

Translinks allow a performance upgrade to most systems, without the need to alter chassis for special connectors, or the purchase of new electronics. Typically they would be installed between the pre-amplifier output and the amplifier input. To ensure correct operation the source driving the Translinks should have output impedance of not more than 100 ohms and not be capacitor-coupled. Translinks will also work at the output of some CD players.

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