Melior SW-12 Subwoofer with Electronic Crossover (EXO) on top.

Two relatively new trends have created a universal need for sub-woofers - home theaters and smaller speakers. Surround sound decoders have an output for low frequencies which are specially equalized to recreate the rumble of thunder or a plane taking off in your living room. For this, and for adding the bottom octaves of music in audio systems to smaller speakers, a sub-woofer is an essential addition.

The Melior Sub-Woofers have been designed to provide seameless integration within any audio or video installation, with audiophile performance and unequaled styling.

A sub-woofer by definition should only reproduce the lowest octaves in recorded sound, with the main speakers handling most of the musical information. The sub-woofer should ideally handle the notes that you "feel", with the main speakers handling the critical mid and high frequencies.

When it comes to designing sub-woofers, there is no cheating the laws of physics. Large volumes of air must be set in motion to enable the woofer to reproduce the vibrations of the lowest notes. Unfortunately, many manufacturers use small drivers to reproduce lower bass by using excessive equalization to show impressive specifications. These specifications are misleading as most small sub-woofers cannot reproduce true bass energy at loud volumes. Manufacturers often quote specifications of frequency responses as low as 25 Hz using 6" cones. When the volume level is increased to normal listening levels these small sub-woofers cannot obtain anywhere near the stated specifications. It is of course possible to combine several small drivers to produce low frequencies effectively. However, two 6" cones will not be as effective as one 12" cone. At least four 6" cones will be required to match the performance characteristics of one 12" cone.

The matching of sub-woofers to rooms is as important as the matching of speakers and sub-woofers. There is a direct relationship between the size of the room and the type of sub-woofer installation used. In small rooms, one sub-woofer may be adequate, providing that the main speakers can effectively handle the normal bass frequency. A pair of sub-woofers are usually better than a mono unit in audio applications.


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