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Thank you for buying this Museatex product. Please read the following operating instructions to ensure that you obtain the maximum enjoyment from this product.

Amplifier Placement

In a typical installation, the amplifier may be stacked above or below a preamplifier. The Meitner STR-55 will function adequately in this type of installation. However, to optimize the sound quality of the unit we recommend that you:

STR-55 Operating Instructions

  1. Connect speaker to the red/black binding post at the rear of the unit.
  2. Input of the STR-55 is an RCA type jack at the rear of the unit.
  3. Switch on the STR-55 by pressing "power" on front panel. Red light comes on; unit is ready for listening. Turn up volume!

Error Situations

In the event of excessively high power demands, into very low speaker impedances and over long periods of time, the temperature of the heat sink may rise above 85 degrees Celsius. When this happens, the light will flash very quickly, and the amplifier will shut down. It cannot be re-started until the unit has cooled down, at which time the light will be flashing slowly. When the slow flash begins, press "power" once to reset; light goes out. Press "power" again to turn unit on; light comes on.

A "DC offset error" protection is also incorporated into the STR-55. "DC offset error" may occur if speakers and/or cables ar shorted, or when a faulty preamp (with excessive offset) is plugged into the STR-55.

The flashing sequence for these errors is the same:

Care and Maintenance

The STR-55 is designed to give you many years of use without adjustments or service. The following suggestions should help prolong its life:

Meitner STR-55 Stereo Amplifier Specifications

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