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The Melior phono Center is designed to work with the Melior Control Center, Melior A/V Center, or as a stand-alone unit. In the latter case, the Museatex Floating Charge power supply (PP-100) will have to be purchased separately.
Whether used independently or in tandem with Melior Control Center, the Melior Phono Center offers one of the best phono preamplifiers in the market today.
The Meitner PA6i is heralded as one of the best preamplifiers in the market today and the phono stage of the PA6i is one of the contributing factors to this high rating among audiophiles. The Melior Phono Center, designed and manufactured by Museatex takes the performance a step further.
Please take the time to read this owner's manual so that you can optimize the performance of your phono playback system.



When you first unpack the Melior Phono Center confirm that the following are included:

Contact your dealer or Museatex directly if any of these are missing.

In handling the Melior Phono Center, take care not to scratch or damage the wood side panels. Keep the packing. The Melior Phono Center cannot be safely shipped without the packing. It is important that the unit is examined carefully for any shipping damage. If there is any damage, please contact your dealer. The original packing showing the damage must be retained to institute any claim against the carrier.

Connecting the Melior Phono Center

Rear Panel Controls

User Adjustments Inside the Melior Phono Center

The Melior Phono Center is factory adjusted for 51 Kohms input impedance and 50pF input capacitance. In some cases, it may be desirable to vary these settings to suit your cartridge. In most cases, the cartridge manufacturers suggest ideal settings and we would recommend that your use the recommended settings as a starting point. In our experience, however, the optimum settings are often obtained by trial and error as factors like cable impedance, length of cable used, tone arm wiring etc. affect performance.

Our customer service department may be able to help you in many instances as we have experimented with many of the high quality cartridges in the market.

To gain access to the adjustment pins, it is necessary to open the Melior Phono Center. The loading adjustments are directly in the signal path, and any rotary type pots accessible from the outside would contaminate the signal path. Please ensure when making the adjustments, to use a clean pair of tweezers. Opening the control center is a simple process and requires a small Phillips screw driver. Please follow these steps:

Special Factory Modifications

In addition to the user adjustments described above, the Melior Phono Center has provisions for special factory modifications. The two adjustments offered are:

Please contact your dealer for the cost of these modifications.


For more information please contact John Wright at (403) 968-1400 or email