The Melior Active Crossover uses the same circuit topology as in Museatex preamplifiers to ensure that the crossover does not introduce coloration or distortion. The ear is most sensitive to coloration at mid and high frequencies. The Melior Crossover ensures that critical high and mid frequencies are not affected by the crossover circuitry. The Melior Active Crossover is a 4th order type with a choice of four crossover frequencies in 1/3 octave increments: 50 Hz, 63 Hz, 80 Hz and 100 Hz. It has variable sub-woofer level and various input/output connectors that allow for universal installation. You can use one sub-woofer or a pair for optimum results. You can take the output either from the preamplifier or from the speaker terminals of the satellite speakers. Although designed as a companion piece to the Melior sub-woofer, it is a stand-alone unit and will work with any system.

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