With the number of digital sources increasing rapidly, the sophisticated user requires a more elaborate control system for all the various digital sources. The Melior Digital Control Center is created as one of the most comprehensive digital pre-amplifiers on the planet.

While the Melior Bitstream™ D/A Converter can provide sonically excellent conversion, the Bitstream™ technology is not capable of high resolution digital signal processing. The Melior Digital Control Center uses a Meitner designed proprietary 19 bit dual DAC system for its digital to analog conversion. This substantially reduces zero crossing error which is one of the main reasons for the lack of spatial information in digital playback systems. All switching and signal processing is carried out in the digital domain with conversion to analog taking place only at the output stage. The remote controlled volume and balance adjustments enable you to feed the analog output directly to your amplifier without going through an analog pre-amplifier.

The Melior Digital Control Center can accommodate four digital (fiber optic or co-axial) inputs. In addition it provides two digital tape loops. The two-bus system will allow you to dub a CD digitally to a DAT while you are listening to the soundtrack from your favorite movie on Laserdisc.

A unique software driven processing system allows you to program the names of your inputs with pre-selected volume levels for each. The MIDI standard interface allows the Melior Digital Control Center to be used as part of a multi-room installation.



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