The Cold Facts

In the field of electronics, cryogenics was a major contributing factor in the discovery of superconductivity - the ability of some metals to conduct electricity with no resistance at temperatures near absolute zero. The possible application of superconductivity in audio started the research project, by Ed Meitner, into cryogenics.

Fortunately for the audio world, Meitner's research paid off. The search led him to Dr. Jeffrey Levine, a prominent American physicist. Dr. Levine had patented a system for treating various materials cryogenically in such a way that many of the altered properties of materials, at cryogenic temperatures, are retained at ambient temperatures. This process has been used for several years by musical instrument manufacturers. Powell Flutes and Kaman Musical String Co. have found widespread acceptance for cryogenic flutes and guitar strings among world famous musicians. Museatex Cryogenics Inc. was formed as a partnership between Museatex and Dr. Levine, to patent and market the use of the cryogenic process in audio, microwave and semiconductor applications.

The application of cryogenics to audio was the subject of a patent application by Museatex. There are three distinct areas where this benefits the audio consumer.

Cryogenically Treated Audio/Video Cables

Any Cable used in the audio/video chain benefits from the cryogenic treatment. When wire is manufactured, the copper is extruded under intense heat which causes stress. At a molecular level, the surface of the copper has a jagged edge. Linearity of the music signals passing through the cable is compromised due to this. The cryogenic treatment of cables substantially reduces surface tension and this results in cables that are sonically more coherent.

Cryogenically Treated Components

Cryogenically treated components in Museatex electronic products are now accepted by critics as producing sonically better results. For scientifically minded sceptics many of the components actually measure better.

Cryogenic Treatment of Records and Compact Discs

The use of cryogenics (NOT to be confused with Cryonics) is an example of the original research carried out by Ed Meitner and his team - constantly searching for innovative ways to improve the quality of audio.

Museatex Cryogenic products are no longer available, however we are offering cryogenic services for those interested.
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