The conclusion from the review of the first Museatex power amplifier in 1985 was that it could sell for four times the price if it were made larger and embellished with glowing tubes! Since then Museatex amplifiers have been refined and new models added. They continue to be rated among the best amplifiers in the world regardless of price or size.

Manufacturing amplifiers that perform on par with the best in the world requires careful design execution. Designing world class amplifiers that also meet Museatex aesthetic requirements can only be achieved by finding unconventional solutions to old problems. Good quality speakers are demanding on amplifiers in terms of high power requirements, ability to handle low impedance loads and the need to reproduce all the nuances and subtlety of music.

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that large amplifiers with unwieldy heat sinks are the only solution to providing clean high power to handle varying speaker loads. Ed Meitner and the design team at Museatex changed this perception by introducing the Meitner STR-50 in 1985 to rave reviews worldwide. Designers of world class speakers such as Apogee, Martin Logan, B&W, Monitor Audio etc. started using Museatex amplifiers as an alternative to the conventional large amplifiers.



Updates are performed on Meitner and Museatex products at our Calgary facility.
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