When you examine the confusing array of claims and counterclaims by cable manufacturers, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. In scientific terms, the research conducted by telephone companies sheds more light on this subject than any other available data. After all, you can differentiate subtle voice nuances across thousands of miles of telephone cable.

Telephone companies concur, that mechanical integrity, individual strand thickness, conductivity of copper and dielectric properties of insulation all play important roles in maintaining signal purity. Museatex cables were designed with this hypothesis and tested in a variety of applications. They are arguably the most accurate cables in the audio industry.

All Museatex cables share certain physical characteristics. Oxygen-free copper is drawn to specified thickness. The thickness of each strand is designed to optimize the full frequency balance of the audio signal. Each strand is individually insulated and sealed. This is to ensure that copper strands touching each other do not corrode and act as diodes between strands. This is why many cables that sound good when new, become dull after a few months. The individual strands are paired and even the tightness of the weave is important. Individually insulated pairs of conductors form the basis of all Museatex cables and interconnects.

Museatex Interconnects

One pair of twisted cables is enclosed in a copper weave for shielding and then in a specially formulated PVC jacket. The shielding is terminated on one side only, to minimize ground loop problems. The gold plated RCA jacks used are selected to produce optimum contact, which will not corrode with time. Prior to terminating the interconnects great care is taken to ensure that the individual insulation of the strand is sealed so oxygen does not contact the copper surface and cause corrosion.

Museatex Speaker Cables

Museatex cables were supplied with 5, 10 and 25 pairs in order to serve a variety of needs. Ideally, the longer the cable, the thicker the cable. Other factors like speaker loads and space restrictions must also be considered when selecting cables. The cables are terminated with special heavy duty gold plated lugs. They are crimped and soldered to ensure contact integrity and that individual strands are sealed.
Museatex Speaker Cables consist of individual signal and return cables to minimize transmission line effects of paired cables. This is another reason why Museatex cables are considered to produce the most cohesive image that is free of high-end brightness.

Crypton Cables

Museatex Cryogenic products are no longer available, however we are offering cryogenic services for those interested.

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