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The Bidat is the "Baby" to the internationally acclaimed Meitner IDAT. The Meitner IDAT has won distinctions in the USA, Germany, and Hong Kong as being one of , if not the #1 D/A processor. The Bidat incorporates similar technology to the Meitner IDAT,setting it apart from the others, and includes a few enhancements of its own.

Design Features

General Features






  • The "Super Mod"
    The Bidat was originally designed with 3 separate crystal-based voltage controlled oscillators. This was unique because we had the crystals specially made to be 'pull-able' around the sample rates of 33, 44.1 and 48 KHz. This scheme worked well only if the signal coming from the digital source was within the S/PDIF spec. In real life, many sources are not. The "super-mod" gets rid of these crystals and replaces the front-end PLL with another Meitner innovation - one that allows the Bidat to track the input even if the digital source is off-spec. The super mod is an extensive upgrade. In addition to the above, it includes changes to the power supply, power inlet, digital front-end and analog outputs. The cost of this update is $250.00 USD.

  • The Bidat "Plus" Update
    This is it! This is the update that puts the Bidat back on top, if it ever slipped. This update will make your Bidat the best sounding converter on the planet. The analog stage has been revised as has the power supply decoupling and the lock detection circuitry. More importantly, the DAC chip is modified to run in a much more linear fashion with lower distortion. The result is a breath taking experience. The bass rolls out at you now with a tremendous sense of foundation. The sound stage is absolutely life like and the subtle inner detail is beyond description.

  • The Bidat Switching Power Supply
    This update is no longer available.

    (Updates are performed on Meitner and Museatex products at our Calgary facility.
    Email us at or call (403) 968-1400 for more information.)

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