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There are a handful of world class analog pre-amplifiers in the market today. With few exceptions, they share an array of knobs and switches on the front panel for volume, balance and source switching. Imagine yourself seated in your listening chair with your CD just starting to play. You find that the recording level is low and you need to adjust the volume. It might take two or three trips to the pre-amplifier to get the volume and balance just right. The Melior Analog Control Center was designed to eliminate this frustrating compromise. The software controlled switching and processing functions are performed outside the audio signal path. The Meitner Voltage Control Attenuator is used for volume and balance adjustments. The absence of potentiometers and knobs means that the performance of the Melior Control Center will not deteriorate with time. Two pairs of output signals with opposing polarity provide bridging circuits for amplifiers and , of course, conventional balanced-line capability.

In versatility and functionality, the Melior Analog Control Center is unsurpassed: eight line inputs, four tape loops, an external processor loop which can be switched out of the audio circuits (for surround sound systems which should not pollute the purity of audio signals when you are not watching a movie) and MIDI standard interface provide unprecedented versatility. User programmable functions like four volume presets per input and customizing input names to your system are examples of thoughtful functionality.

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The audio circuit board in the ACC was upgraded considerably when the company developed the AVC but the circuit boards are interchangeable. This upgrade makes a tremendous difference to every aspect of the sound. Far greater clarity, larger image, more detail, and much better bass can be expected from this update.

(Updates are performed on Meitner and Museatex products at our Calgary facility.
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Owner's Manual

The Museatex Analog Control Center has been superseded by the A/V Control Center.